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Palestine Map Necklace | Al Aqsa Necklace Dome Of The Rock

Palestine Map Necklace | Al Aqsa Necklace Dome Of The Rock

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Darqawi was created with the intention of reviving Islamic Spirituality through using the laws of Sacred Ancient Geometry. In each of the pieces we create, you will find a symbol marking the Divine Essence. Everything in this Universe was created using Sacred Geometry as a signature of God. The main symbol we use in our work is the symbol of the Final Emissary of God, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. 

Through the intricate patterns and precise geometry of this sacred symbol, we seek to evoke a sense of awe and reverence, guiding individuals towards a deeper understanding towards the Final Prophet of God. Each piece crafted by Darqawi is imbued with this profound symbolism, serving as a conduit for spiritual contemplation and awakening in the hearts of all who behold it.


Al Aqsa, The Dome of The Rock, Soloman’s Temple, the axis mundi, meaning the navel of the world. The celestial and geographical pole; the meeting point of the four compasses, the connection point between the earth and the heavens. It is here where the Prophet ﷺ led 124 thousand Prophets in prayer. It is here where the Prophet ﷺ ascended beyond the earth and the seven heavens, where he was shown 18 thousand treasures of both the worlds and stood in the presence of Allah at a distance of ‘two bows length’. It was from this journey which unlocked the light to the Hadith-e-qudsi; ‎كُنتُ كَنزاً مخفياً - ‘I was a hidden treasure’. It was this journey that inspired the story of Mevlana Rumi & Shams-e-Tabrez. It was this journey which turned qadi yunus into the dervish, Yunus Emre, who for forty years collected dry firewood up and down the mountains and valleys. It was this journey that drowned Mansur al-Hallaj in the oceans of fana uttering “Ana-al haq”. It was this journey that made Rabia al-Adawiyya run through the streets of Basra with a pot of fire in one hand to burn down the rewards of paradise, and a bucket of water in the other to extinguish the fires of hell.


We only use real 18k gold plating on all of our gold jewellery pieces. Underneath, we use pure stainless steel to ensure that you can wear this piece around water & moisture without ever having to worry about any fading or tarnishing.

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