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Darqawi was created with the intention of reviving Islamic Spirituality through using the laws of Sacred Ancient Geometry. In each of the pieces we create, you will find a symbol marking the Divine Essence. Everything in this Universe was created using Sacred Geometry as a signature of God. The main symbol we use in our work is the symbol of the Final Emissary of God, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. 

Through the intricate patterns and precise geometry of this sacred symbol, we seek to evoke a sense of awe and reverence, guiding individuals towards a deeper understanding towards the Final Prophet of God. Each piece crafted by Darqawi is imbued with this profound symbolism, serving as a conduit for spiritual contemplation and awakening in the hearts of all who behold it.

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  • Iqra


    I have been looking for jewellery like this my entire life without even knowing it. The packaging was absolutely incredible also.

  • Kida

    I'm in love with how gorgeous & intricate this flower necklace is, I have been receiving compliments every time i have worn this beautiful piece!

  • Riya

    I am absolutely blown away by my order. The packaging was so incredibly luxurious, and the necklace was even better! If you wear hijab, this necklace is the perfect length.

  • Mariam

    I purchased the matching Nalayn Necklace & Bracelet set, there has not been a single day where i have not worn these beautiful pieces.

  • Husayn

    Without a doubt this is a piece i will cherish forever, it has become beloved to me.

  • Zaynab

    I purchased the mix jewellery bundle and my order arrived in 24 hours and it was absolutely stunning! The pieces are so elegant and unique, i receive compliments everytime i wear them.

  • Hiba

    I was surprised how quickly this order arrived to the US, will definitely be buying again from Darqawi.

  • Zahra

    Cannot express how much this piece brings my attention back to the Prophet without even trying. Allows me to constantly be in contemplation of Him and sending salawat upon Him.

  • Naimah

    I wear this ontop of my saree every single day, it is stunning.

  • Eman

    I have been speechless and in absolute awe ever since i opened my package.

  • Yasmin

    What an elegant ring, blown away by its quality. The ring box was really gorgeous as well definitely worth the price.

  • Aisha

    If i could select more than 5 stars, i would have. Never come across such a piece in my life Subhan Allah.

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