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Nalayn Pin | Broche

Nalayn Pin | Broche

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Darqawi was created with the intention of reviving Islamic Spirituality through using the laws of Sacred Ancient Geometry. In each of the pieces we create, you will find a symbol marking the Divine Essence. Everything in this Universe was created using Sacred Geometry as a signature of God. The main symbol we use in our work is the symbol of the Final Emissary of God, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. 

Through the intricate patterns and precise geometry of this sacred symbol, we seek to evoke a sense of awe and reverence, guiding individuals towards a deeper understanding towards the Final Prophet of God. Each piece crafted by Darqawi is imbued with this profound symbolism, serving as a conduit for spiritual contemplation and awakening in the hearts of all who behold it.


Through the artistry of Darqawi, the symbolism of the Nalayns is brought to life, serving as a beacon of light for all who seek to awaken the flame of love within their hearts. In the intricate patterns and flowing lines of this sacred symbol, we glimpse the beauty of the eternal dance between lover and beloved, and are reminded of the timeless truth that love is the essence of existence itself.

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